6thSense in December 2012

Here it comes to a time where we are going to end Year 2012 soon.

6thSense would want to thank all of you who continue to support us. It was a busy year for us as we launched our e-commerce website, started to know and get involved more about these online application i.e Instagram, Tumblr and more, thinking new ways to promote our products, sourcing new products in order to get the most value and quality products for our customers.

And starting Jan 2013, it marks a milestone for 6thSense as we start to lift up a better shopping experience to our dearest customers. We will launch new different division lines, provide customer a wider range of products, keep the price as affordable as possible and at the same time maintain the quality of the clothing.

We would also like to highlight another issue that we concern the most:
We would love to know what you think, what you like and how we can improve. Though we have a long lists of plannings and how we are going to improve on, but still your feedback may simply put some improvements since you are our highest priority after all.
Email us at 6thsensebydt@gmail.com with your sincere opinion and contact details, in return, we will send you rebate vouchers and coupons.

Again, thanks for your support and time reading this. Feel free to contact us and stay tuned for us ^.^

Have a great year ahead !
Love from 6thSense


Image source: www.fashionsquad.com


Image source: www.style.com

Trendy Talk - Lace

Image source: www.style.com

Style Note :
Usually, lace's reputation is all about the bedroom, but this fall, it's a regular fashion staple. Lace is going against the grain of bulky sweaters and structured prints to make this season feel a bit more feminine. Whether it's a full dress or just a lace print, this delicate detail is meant to be seen.